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On assignment by Golden Days representing Museer i København og Omegn a major association of 70 museums and cultural exhibitions space in and around Copenhagen we created Kulturklik.dk while I was part of Soundvenue Studio. I did the concept and UX design and project manegement of the implementation. Other players involved was Kontrapunkt, delivering the visual identity and Kultunaut, delivering the event data.

We used maps and locations as a basis for the experience. This way we could show both locals and visiting travellers and tourists, the vast variety of cultural experiences nearby. We could reveal the hidden and more unknown places, while preserving a democratic approach to the visual space and attention given to each participating institution.

And by adding both themes and facilities as filter options to the map, we could allow the user to easily express what they where looking for, and put it in their own hands to explore and find the next great experience out there. While making sure to inspire them with related and yet to be discovered opportunities.

The Front page

Soundvenue case story front page design

A museum page

Soundvenue case story front page design

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Create an inspiring and accessible entrance to art and history exhibitions and events in and around Copenhagen
Soundvenue Studio for Golden Days