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Helping design buyers make the right choices

Asking the right questions is key to getting wiser. With "The Design Buyer's Guide" the Danish designer's association Design Denmark helps people in any industry understand what to gain from working with designers and how to approach the process for upcoming projects.

The guide that's build as a digital survey tool aims to help design buyers navigate the various fields and areas of design and improve the chance of succes. By crunching the details of the user's inputs and project details it generates a custom report highlighting areas to be particularly mindful about.

The no-code platform Bubble's ability to create complex and personalised user journeys made it a great match for the project. With the option to create anonymous visitor-based workflows and still keep track of the data, the platform helped us further in creating an easy-to-access tool with no requirements of log in or user data management.

I was tasked with doing the design of the survey tool based on the existing Design denmark identity, and for implementing and making the tool come alive in it's first version.

Highlighted features

Surveys for any screen size

To meet the user on any platform or device, the basic grid and dynamic layout of the survey inputs needed to be fully responsive. Luckily the ability to create a technically functional and also aesthetically functional cross-device size design in Bubble has improved quite a lot in recent years.

Save and share

To enable revisiting and sharing the generated report, we added the options to share the report link with teammembers,and to download it as a PDF. Using Bubble's databasecapabilitiesthis wasa simple way to avoid privacy issues while keeping up a good and solid user experience with a clearly defined take-away and honoring the core UX principle of getting more out of a system than youare askedto put in.

Custom project diagrams

Based on user's inputs, a bit of old-school Pythagorean geometry, SVG-code, and Bubble's built-in ability to store and provide data across a workflow, I created a custom project diagram, visualizing the system's understanding of a project and with this building trust in our ability to providegoodadvice for the design buyer.

Glossary and further reading

At its essence, the project is about educating outsiders about design. So, besides basing advice upon the user's project inputs, the survey tool also provides a glossary for relevant words and concepts and articles for further reading with the opportunity to dive into both classic and current themes of design.


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Design and implement a digital survey tool that generates custom reports based on user's inputs and case details.
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