A cross system unifying enterprise experience

TDC Net’s enterprise business partners use the platform for ordering new products and services, getting statuses on services and finding insights and news about existing and new technology.

I was the UX Designer on the project, in a team from Flip Studio (Now Acceleration Nordic and part of GroupM). The team also consisted of a UI designer, UX researchers, and a Project Owner.

Main challenges, that I solved with the project.

  • Creating a new user dashboard featuring what’s needed for a particular user
  • Aligning functionality, navigation, and orientation across multiple subsystems
  • Creating a unified notification system for new updates
  • Creating a new quote request and order system
  • Easy access to most used products, documents, and services with bookmarks
  • Creating a toolbox with guides for the use of the platform.

Highlighted features

A single dashboard for multiple use cases

With a wide range of very different use cases, from sales tool, support information hub and specialist documentation, the key to a good user experience was to provide each user with the ability to see what’s important from their point of view, along with direct access to the most important tools.

Unified notifications design across multiple subsystems

In previous versions multiple sub applications offered notifications in each their own way. With the improved UX design, we unified the formats, the messaging, the functionality and the settings for these.

Notification setting and tool box

The unified notification system paved the way for providing the user with very specific options for tailoring the notifications to their particular use case and needs.

Redesigned quote request and ordering tool

With a huge range of technical products and the conditions of catering for pretty much any address in the country with varying parameters, the quote engine for customers is both complex and critical. We turned it up-side and and viewed it form the perspective of what the user needs, rather than starting with what the system is able to provide.


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All work
Create the UX design for a redesign of the TDC NET partner portal for their enterprise business partners.
Flip Studio/Group M for TDC Net