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Adding friction for a cause

With the UX and design of e-commerce, you need to keep a razor-sharp focus on securing the final purchase. You present your goods or services, users choose them and they pay. That’s the moment of success. But what do you do, when you need to disturb the flow with a little something extra you require from the user. Where do you put that?

Slow Adventure wants to sell adventures; intimate travel packages to exciting nature destinations with local guides. But they also want to ensure that you leave a positive impact on the area. The tool for this is a range of local impact projects, that the user can choose and pay for as part of the purchase. So the challenge is to place this addition to the buying flow the best way possible, without taking too much focus from the basic task of selling an adventure.

The solution we came up with is to establish a classic flow of 1. Inspiration, 2. Information, and then 3. Execution of the sales. We then inform about the impact addition early on, partly in the inspiration step, and more in the information step, and then finally ask users to make their choice in the execution step.

With the recent soft launch of the product, we’re excited about getting real user insights about the flow. As always with digital product designs: it’s impossible to say if you done it right before the product meets its real users in the wild.

The designs I did included the inspiration and information pages, that I also implemented on Webflow. And an outline of the execution step in the booking flow, that was implemented independently.

Here’s a product tour of the final inspiration site:

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And here’s the Figma prototype featuring the booking flow design:

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Create the user journey and the webdesign and implementation for a new travel service. The service offers intimate nature-based adventures with local guides, requiring participants to give back by supporting local impact projects.
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