Information graphics and service overview

Danish health data analytics company DataFair is working on improving access to and the use of health data for research in a secure way and in respect of privacy. Partly with their own data platform and partly with collaboration projects.

To present two new collaboration projects I helped DataFair by creating visual identities, webdesign, and implementing presentation websites for the two projects.

Rather than presenting the projects with a pitch deck, presentation slides or stuck in a PDF, we wanted the project and the many services and opportunities included to come alive with a proper website, presenting the services in detail while maintaining the overview and easy navigation to the parts the particular user is looking for.

To reduce the design efforts, and make sure to meet all needed deliveries within a limited budget, and also to increase the ease of use for the multiple parties involved, I created a simple design guide based on a Google Font typography, that could work for both projects, and then let the identities part ways with individual color schemes, logos, and a few other distinct graphical markers.

This also eased the implementation work of implementing the designs in Webflow, while achieving the explicit goal of having two unique identities and experiences.

A key part of the visual identity for both projects was also to enable the creation of a range of information graphics, illustrating and explaining the projects.

OSCAR project

Website tour

CLIC project

Website tour

Highlighted features

Event page for seminar series

Being able to add a separate page for the seminar series We Are Not Waiting to the OSCAR project website shows how it's possible to present multible distinct visual identities and seperate landings pages for seperate purposes on the same Webflow website.

OS based Short cut tips

Making it easy to share and save pages locally. The operation-specific shortcuts are displayed based on the operation system of the user's device.

Page menu with built-in progress bar

To assist the user’s understanding of what’s ahead and get an early idea of the full amount of content, I merged the page menu with a progress bar indicating both the progress of the page and the section currently in view.

Multilayered product Navigator

Featuring an overview of 17 distinct service offerings in a small space and for various screen sizes and devices.


All work
Create a visual identity for the two projects CLIC and OSCAR and design and implement websites presenting the two projects.