A new visual direction

Handyfix is new Norwegian based platform for craftsman services. I was tasked with creating a new visual identity and implementing it in Webflow.

I based the new direction for the visual identity on the clear goal of presenting the benefits of getting issues fixed in the home, rather than letting the customer think too much about the hardship of defining the work that need done, finding a credible craftsman, checking up on the work afterwards and any final surprises about pricing that often occurs.

The platform offers a simple, trustworthy, quality based service that's easy to get started with, so the visual identity, the web design and the functionality should naturally reflect that. It's about the thrill of the results, not about the struggle to get there.

The work was done it three steps.

1. A new Visual Identity

The new logo and defining the art direction

The new HandyFix logo

The basic style guide set up in Figma

2. A clickable protoype

A clickable prototype set up in Figma visualising a possible user journey through the product.

3. Implementation in Webflow

The implementation in Webflow of the identity and basic parts of the designs.

Highlighted features


All work
Create a new visual identity and implement it as a style guide in Webflow.