From shared stories to community based webshop

Momkind is a new Danish community, founded and run by Nanna Schultz Christensen, acknowledging the not so rosy sides of becoming a new mother. Leveraging the community, shared stories and common experiences Momkind aims to be the go to online platform to raise the spirit when reality kicks in. Practically, with the shop's options to buy handy and nursing packages covering the basic needs and easing the rough patches of reality. And mentally with the option of connecting with others in a similar situation.

Besides the website Momkind exists as an extensive network on Facebook and Instagram.

Below is a screen cast displaying the generel look and feel and user flows of the momkind univers. WAAITT Studio did the logo and visual identity that I used as base for the webdesign, the site is based on the Cascade theme for Shopify by Swift, and the photo above was taken by Cecilie Bach who did the website photography too.

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Build an online home base for a community of new mothers, including a web-shop and a blog for knowledge based articles and community stories.