Startup consultancy

Startup consultancy
What I do:
  • Strategy and product vision
  • Product analysis
  • Implementing changes
  • Automation opportunities
  • Digital transformation

Get help navigating the muddy waters of new beginnings. Learn when to say no, and when to say yes. When to think about scalability and when to focus on getting things done.

To succeed as a startup a lot of things need to go right. Possibly also a pinch of luck is needed. But at least a few things are certain: Having a great team and a clear vision and business case is crucial. Without that, it almost certainly will never happen.

Experienced with taking startups from an idea scribbled on a napkin, over building teams, to going public with an IPO, I’ve built up quite some experience over the years.

I’d love to share this experience and help small teams and startups set off on a good path, with a good foundation and sustainable processes underneath. Avoiding doing the same mistakes, that I’ve learned the hard way.

Process and deliverables

We start by defining the challenge and setting goals for what we want to achieve. It could be eg. ‘Building the perfect team. Or ‘Refining the product vision.

I’ll then start a research process to understand the current team and its internal drivers or to see the product in the context of the market and user needs. The research phase will be concluded with a report of suggested changes. An additional phase of assisting implementation and follow-up can then begin.

Depending on the size of a team or a product, I believe that even a few hours of well-planned work and research can turn into huge value over time.

Learn to think like a startup

Even for well-established companies sometimes trying to think like a startup can be a great driver for innovation. Take a step back and take a fresh look at your products and services, at your market, and the processes underneath. There might be opportunities for automation and other benefits of digital transformation. New requirements of green transition might require greater thoughts on how to approach the future. When major factors surrounding a business are changing, then how can we move from something that works now, to something sustainable and future-proof?

There might be new business opportunities with a new approach and just a little change or experimentation. I enjoy applying my strategic foundation, insights, and experience working with startups as well as with established ones looking for a change.

Have a look at some samples of my work and get in touch to talk about ideas and processes, and let’s see how we can build something great together.

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