WMOC 2018

Timely updates and daily bulletins

The World Masters Orienteering Championship 2018 took place in and around Copenhagen July 7-13 2018.

Being able to communicate important updates and news about the competitions, qualifications, starting times and information about access to the competition areas was crucial for the event organizers.

We build a main hub of information in Wordpress. We needed a solution that was quick and easy to update and that could serve a wide range of information.

The solution was required to provide overview of locations and program times to assist more than 40 nationalities navigate and reach the competitions in time. We used a schedule plugin and maps to tie everything together.  

We also wanted to make the website the center for live coverage of the event, with news, videos, photos, and live updates of the results for spectators online from around the world, and to increase the sense of community for participants.

Using Wordpress also played well with additional activity on social media such as Facebook.

To make sure we could reach runners directly we released daily bulletins via MailChimp. These included the latest updated information about the competition of the day and news about the next.

Website, front page design (not clickable):

WMOC2018 website design

Newsletter design, sample:

WMOC2018 email design

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WMOC 2018
Servicing 4.000 participants and 50.000 spectators from more than 40 countries live and online with information, updates and stories from the races.
WMOC 2018
4.000+ participants and 50.000+ online visitors