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Presenting a publicly listed company

I chose Webflow as the platform for the one-pager design. Partly because it was easy to implement and suited the purpose, and partly because of it's ability to allow editors work on their own on specific text areas in the front end. This was important because, being listed as a public company on Nasdaq First North, sometimes Management needed to be able to publish company announcement quickly without assistance, as regulations required.  

With the design, we wanted to be able to tell the story of the business case in an appealing and light way, easy to scroll through, keeping the overview and being able to dive into details. At the same time, we needed to adhere to regulations about things like naming conventions and specifically required content.

To give it just a bit of additional flavour for returning visitors, following the rhythm of the annual reports, we changed the base color of the site with each report.

Conferize Invest, 2018 (not clickable):

Conferize Investor site page design case

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Conferize Invest
Present Conferize (CONFRZ, NASDAQ FN) as a business case for current and potential investors, abiding to all legal oblications for publicly listed companies.