Product Management

Product Management
What I do:
  • Product ownership
  • Roadmap planning, prioritisation and follow up.
  • Support oversight and user research
  • Tracking and data analysis
To make sure that the right product is being built, and that the product is being built right. That is the right way to go.

Product owner, User advocate, and Stakeholder manager. There are various perspectives on the role of a product manager. The basic job is to make sure that the right product is being built, and that the product is being built right.

As a product manager, I make sure that the problem, that the team, company, or product is trying to solve, is properly defined. Based on inputs from stakeholders and the team, I scope the solution and make the roadmap, prioritizing what is needed to achieve the common goal or fulfill the vision. It could be for an MVP (Minimal Viable Product), to achieve product/market fit, or to ensure a continuously improved growth or service level.

The job requires an in-depth understanding of the users of the product. Developing a clear idea of the intended target and user groups, as well as a clear understanding of the customer experience is critical in assessing whether you’ve done a good job. Tracking tools, data analysis, and knowledge about the real use of a product are a central part of this. As well as continuous user testing, getting feedback, and overseeing support requests to understand how the product is being used and what can be improved.

I join teams of designers and lopers helping to create clarity of what’s needed and to help plan and prioritize the work. Taking input from management, marketing and sales too to have everyone aligned and working towards the same vision. Trying to ensure, ultimately, a successful product release.

Have a look at some samples of my work and get in touch to talk about ideas and processes, and let’s see how we can build something great together.

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