FIT Files In Transit

An exclusive hosting service by Stories Without Endings.

Providing storage space for media files on AWS S3 and making the files available for use on websites and in digital products.

Use cases:
1. Hosting media files, eg. video or audio for showing on websites without cookies and with custom controls and functionality.
2. Providing simple server space for files for end-users that exceeds common platform limitations, eg. file sizes and file types.

How it works:
Clients send files by email or other file transferring services. FIT operations upload the files to the client's dedicated FIT folder and provide the client with a link to the file online. Files are deleted by FIT operations upon request from the client.

Features and Pricing:
FIT PRO subscription    1200 DKK/year (ex. VAT)
Total storage max          1 GB
Max file size            100 MB
Max number of files     1000 files
Max traffic/ month       200 GB
Exceeding traffic        100 DKK/100 GB/month
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Support and operations
If you need support or to get in touch regarding operations, please reach out to

Terms of Service
Updated June 17 2024

By starting a subscription it is assumed, that these terms are accepted.

FIT is responsible for ensuring operations and the hosting and delivery of files provided by clients, not the compression, encoding or transcoding of the files, nor the performance experienced by end users.

Clients should acknowledge that FIT runs on AWS infrastructure (Based in Frankfurt,
eu-central-1) and is not liable for any guarantees beyond AWS's standard SLA's for S3, CloudFront, and Route53.

All files uploaded are publicly accessible. FIT can in no way be held responsible for the content of the files, nor for access to the files for any unintended audience. If a file provided by a client does not adhere to the AWS Acceptable Use Policy, is ruled illegal or in other way is harmfull it will be removed immediately, and available information will be passed on to authorities.

Payments are handled via credit card through Stripe. Subscriptions are started upon payment and with no right of withdrawal. Exceeding traffic is calculated monthly and charged by end of the month via a Stripe payment link and to be paid within 8 days.

To cancel a subscription, notice should be given 30 days in advance of next payment cycle.

Privacy Policy
Updated June 17 2024

We store company and personal information with Stripe to be able to communicate with you, process payments, and keep our books. To start a subscription you are requried to accept the Striper terms of service and privacy policy.

FIT Files In Transit is a service provided by Stories Without Endings, Copenhagen, Denmark. VAT DK34429014

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